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Case Studies

  • Productivity Puzzle - are spreadsheets holding you back?

    Spreadsheets can be rapidly configured and spreadsheet packages are widely available and inexpensive, consequently their use has become ubiquitous.

    In many situations however, there are superior solutions, the use of which could result in significant productivity gains.

    Because there appears to be little if any cost associated with an incumbent spreadsheet application and because the direct, quantifiable savings (as opposed to the potential productivity gains) may be only marginal, the challenge is in developing a compelling case for change.  

  • CMS extended with Mobile

    In 2014/15 we developed a plant completions and commissioning system for a large industrial gas company which has been used successfully to aid the commissioning of several very large industrial projects in Asia.

    In 2017 we've added mobile functionality to the application. 

  • Downtime Analytics with Tableau

    It's one thing collecting production statistics it's another being able to analyse them, quickly and easily, to detect the issues that need resolution. If this process is too complicated or too time-consuming it just won't get done and lean performance will remain an aspiration rather than a reality.

  • RFID access control to production workstations

    Our client, like many, was faced with the daily challenge of effectively matching labour resources to a frequently changing production schedule. We devised a smart card system that greatly improved management visibility, control & productivity. 

  • New value from legacy checkweighers

    How we helped a prominent UK food manufacturer identify and realise significant savings from checkweigh data.