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eco|Driver ®Eco Driver

eco|Driver®   is an application designed to help organisations improve their sustainability performance and reduce their costs. This is achieved by presenting relevant, timely information in the most appropriate way to those people who can improve an organisation's sustainability performance and reduce cost, i.e. everyone!

eco|Driver®   is an award winning sustainability information management system used in central & local government, schools, universities and in commercial organisations. This cloud based application is able to capture (in real-time) energy & water consumption data, renewables generation and waste disposal data. The system is designed to engage building users and facility management professionals in energy efficiency initiatives. Through a combination of target setting, hourly alerting, weekly profile reviews and monthly reporting, significant savings (of over 20%) have been achieved by number of users and most importantly initial short term savings made, have been sustained over time.

Main features

  • Real-time, enterprise-wide, sustainability information

  • Energy, water, waste disposal, transport & travel

  • Multiple data source data capture

  • Target setting & email alerting

  • Publish data to internet / intranet webpages

  • Real-time dashboard & web-based reporting


  • Reduce energy waste, costs & emissions

  • Engage building users and facility managers

  • Promote sustainability performance